• News Release from Registry of Motor Vehicles: 11/5/2018

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    November 05, 2018


    NEW Mass license and ID issuance number format changes effective November 13

    Starting on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 the RMV is transitioning its new license/ID card issuance format from a nine-digit alphanumeric code consisting of one letter (“S”) and eight numbers to one consisting of two letters (“SA”) and seven numbers. This change is necessary because we are running out of new “S” combinations in which to issue new Massachusetts licenses and ID cards. This change only pertains to newly issued credentials. The RMV is keeping "S" numbers on all current licenses, IDs, and permits, and they will not change upon renewal.
    As an important RMV partner, we want to make sure you are aware of this change and that you share this information with your customers, colleagues, and other constituents. The new “SA” format will be used for all newly issued Massachusetts driver’s licenses and ID cards. Existing credentials will continue to be in the current “S” format, and will not convert upon renewal.

    Please contact us at RMVATLASSupport@dot.state.ma.us with any questions.
    Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
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