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    In addition to the other benefits and opportunities of Chamber Membership, the Chatham Chamber of Commerce has a number of committees addressing a variety of issues of interest, value and concern to members.  We encourage you to get more involved by joining one of our committees.  To participate or get more information, call 508-945-5199 or email at chamber@chathaminfo.com.  

    Our current committees are:

    Business Advisory Committee – Provides advice and service to prospective and existing businesses on the Town of Chatham. This may include demographic data; discussion of information about rules, regulations, and other matters which may have an impact on doing business in Chatham, etc.

    Government and Community Relations Committee – Communicates and facilitates resolution to governmental and community issues that directly or indirectly impact on the ways of conducting business. This includes recommending and promoting needed changes to Town Regulations that negatively or inconsistently impact on business activities and economic development.

    Membership Committee – Attracts and retains Chamber members.

    Publicity and Advertising Committee – Reviews the Chamber’s current publicity and advertising programs and assisting in the development of marketing and communication collateral materials.

    Technology Committee – Reviews and recommends the use of both the Internet and computer technology in efficient, current and cost-effective ways in order to support both the needs to members and visitors as well as those of internal Chamber operations.  Assists in the development and implementation of additional functionality for both visitors and members on the Chamber’s web site.

    Member Events Committee – Develops a schedule of networking, business education and after-hours events for Chamber members.  Assists with efforts to publicize and execute event logistics.

    Fundraising – Develops and executes events and activities (Boat Raffle, Annual Antiques Show, etc) designed to support on-going community programming.

    Auditing Committee – Nominated by the President and works with Chamber Treasurer and outside bookkeeping service to ensure financial stability and accountability.

    Nominating Committee – Develops and recommends prospective members for Chamber Board of Director vacancies.

    Volunteer Committee – Assists Executive Director and Chamber staff with coordinating and developing volunteers and special projects.

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