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    About Us

    Nauset Disposal is a Local company proudly serving Cape Cod’s disposal needs. Our business has been built on the principals of “small town” service, coupled with a strong modern emphasis for the future of Cape Cod. Nauset Disposal firmly believes that being Local carries a far greater distinction than simply one’s geographic location. Local is now the underlying belief that by supporting each other, we will thrive together.

    Cape Cod is a special place. For many, just the mention of our beloved peninsula brings vivid memories of stunning sunsets over the tranquil bay, warm sandy beaches crested by rolling dunes, and lazy summer days filled with sounds of children challenged by dripping ice cream cones. For those of us who call the Cape home, we also hold the responsibility of bringing together the traditions of Cape Cod’s past and the direction for our future.

    Whatever your vision of Cape Cod is, be it owning a restaurant, managing a resort, living and working here, or relaxing in a rocking chair on your getaway’s porch, Nauset Disposal takes great pride in bringing our unique approach to your disposal needs. At Nauset Disposal, our commitment is to you, providing unparalleled customer service and quality that exceeds your expectations.