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    Patricia enjoys the watercolor medium because of its transparency, allowing the white of the paper to show through to bring more light to the painting. Her paintings are of nautical scenes, sea and beach scenes, landscapes, pastoral scenes and florals.

    Pat is happy to welcome Anthony Visco to The Hopkins Gallery and is proudly displaying his small work seascapes done in oil. Anthony is a well-
    recognized painter of oils, acrylics, and watercolors. He is a traditional artist with a flare toward abstract realism. This former Copley Society Artist is a Signature Member and past President of the New England Watercolor Society, a Russell Gallery artist and a Member of the Plymouth Center for the Arts as well as an Associate Member of the American, National and Transparent Watercolor Society. Tony's work has been featured in many galleries on the South Shore, Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard as well as San Diego, California, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin and Tiverton, RI. His website is: www.panthonyvisco.


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    "Cherry Blossoms"
    "Chatham Storefronts"
    "Beatlecat and Old Boathouse"
    "A Hot Summer's Day"
    "Romantic Evening"
    "Mother's Roses"
    "Late Afternoon Reflections"
    "The Hidden Awning"
    "Hydrangeas Against the Shed"
    "Buckets and Bins"
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