• Monomoy NWR Boardwalk and Staircase Update

    Monomoy NWR Boardwalk and Staircase Update

    Tuesday was a sad day at Monomoy NWR.  The lower section of the large staircase that leads to the beach was removed due to safety issues.  The stairs, which had provided beach access for decades, was compromised as the beach and bluff continue to erode.  The rock at the base of the steps is shifting and sinking which caused the stairs to twist and pull away from the observation deck.  To save the upper reaches of the staircase and the observation deck, refuge staff removed the bottom set of stairs and completed the railing of the observation deck.  Though there is no longer access to the beach from this staircase, the observation deck does provide a view of the beach and Monomoy's offshore islands.  Refuge staff are also working to change the access to the staircase as bluff erosion has forced the removal of a portion of the boardwalk that once connected the parking lot to the stairs.  Please bear with refuge staff as they work to re-route access to the staircase.  Though there is no direct access to the beach from the parking lot at this time, refuge visitors can still access most of the refuge property and the water through the private trail with a deeded public right of way off Tisquantum Rd.  Please contact the refuge at (508) 945-0594 for further information.