First Night Chatham’s committee leadership has met several times in these last weeks to discuss this years FNC celebration. 

    The virus crisis has ramifications for many elements of FNC: our ability to control social distancing in our streets and our venues, cleaning and protecting our schools and churches, protecting our 300+ volunteers (most in a vulnerable age group), etc.  With these consideration in mind, we have concluded that this years FNC cannot be executed as a live event…we are, however, exploring some elements that could work such as ice sculptures, a drive by noise parade, a virtual FNC event using past years efforts, a walk by photo shoot to create a town photo and several more.  If any folks have more ideas please go to info@firstnightchatham.com

    FNC will return to its traditional live format in 2021.  In the mean time we will continue to update our progress for this year as quickly as possible.