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    Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank was founded in 1855 as a trust, operating for the benefit of its customers and their communities. Since then, its name and ownership have never changed, ensuring the continuity and stability its customers have come to expect. And today, as expressed in our advertising, Cape Cod Five remains ''defiantly independent'' - a mutual trust, with no stockholders. Thus, Cape Cod Five cannot be bought or sold.

    Cape Cod Five is exceptionally strong. As a local leader providing the full range of personal, residential, commercial, trust and investment financial services, Cape Cod Five has grown into the largest independent bank on Cape Cod with assets exceeding $1.9 billion. This has been accomplished by the Bank's continual dedication to serving its customers and meeting their ever-changing needs.

    Offices are located throughout the Cape, and the Bank has consistently enjoyed a reputation for combining the latest in available technology with highly skilled and accessible people.

    Cape Cod Five is unquestionably committed. Another priority is supporting the community needs of Cape Cod. This is done in a variety of ways, most notably through the Cape Cod Five Charitable Foundation with assets of $10 million.

    It's this history and the Bank's mission that distinguishes Cape Cod Five. However, we understand that it's not what the Bank was yesterday, that matters tomorrow. We know that our reputation must be recreated every single day. Thus, our commitment is to meet each new challenge with the same deliberate spirit that has carried Cape Cod Five so far al