• Conservation and Preservation in Chatham, Cape Cod

    The delightful physical characteristics of Chatham, Cape Cod such as the beaches, marsh and wetlands, and meadows, have long been known to our residents and summer visitors.

    Preservation of these resources is a benefit to our economy, our fisheries, wildlife and flora, a fact now recognized to a greater extent in the past few years by Federal, State and Local authorities. 

    Chatham is fortunate in having, in addition to the town Conservation Commission, a privately operated organization in the Chatham Conservation Foundation, Inc., (104 Crowell Road, Chatham, MA 02633),  dedicated to the preservation of these valued areas. The Foundation, chartered in 1962, is in the hands of eighteen trustees, including officers, and executive committee, all without salary. Call (508) 945-4084 for information – Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am-1pm. 

    Many gifts of wetlands and marshlands have been donated to this organization and others obtained by purchase. To date, more than 588 acres have been put into conservation by the Foundation so they may be enjoyed by our residents and visitors. 

    A highlight of the Foundation’s work in the field of education is their publication “A Beachcomber’s Botany,” 158 pages with 113 illustrations by Marcia Gaylord Norman, and text by Loren C. Petry, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University. It is a valuable guide to the interesting plant life in the marshes, along the shore, and the upland. You will find a copy of the 
    publication in the public libraries throughout Cape Cod.

    Conservation Resources

    Conservation Foundation Trails 

    Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge 

    Atlantic Great White Shark Conservancy

    Friends of Trees Chatham 

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