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Fishing in Chatham, Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a true angler's paradise, and Chatham is at the heart of the action.  Those with their own boats will find four launching areas throughout Chatham. Each has a parking area and most provide a gas dock and restroom. Portable boats can be carried and launched from any of several public Town Landings.

Serious anglers can enjoy access to Georges Bank, the most westward of the great Atlantic fishing banks. Stretching from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia, Georges Bank is home to more than 100 species of fish. The mingling of the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream combines with the relatively shallow, warmer waters to create a perfect breeding and feeding ground for cod, haddock, herring, flounder, lobster, scallops and more.

Below are some specifics on Fishing In Chatham:

Freshwater Fishing - Permits can be obtained from the North Chatham Outfitters on Route 28  in North Chatham.  For information on  Massachusetts Recreational Freshwater Fishing licensing and fees, please click here
Saltwater Fishing - Permits are required for Recreational Saltwater Fishing in Massachusetts.  For more information, please check here 

For the Sport Fishing Enthusiast - Chatham also offers  many Sport Fishing Charters for Striped Bass, Bluefish, and more.

Shellfishing - Non-resident shellfishing may be done in any area not marked "Closed to Shell Fishing". However, shellfishing in Chatham requires a permit from the Town Offices. Please contact the Permit Department at (508) 945-5180 or view information online.


The sport of kings is sport for everyone. Young anglers can hunt for flounder as the experts match their skill against the striped bass, bluefish and tuna. Chatham's abundant coastline offers excellent fishing conditions and some of the best striped bass fishing in the world. These spectacular fish grow to a maximum length of 6.6 ft and to live for up to 30 years. Whether you're trolling or surfcasting, you'll love catching Chatham stripers! Chatham's five fresh water ponds are great spots to catch trout and bass In Chatham, there's something for every angler.

However, even land lovers can enjoy the fishing in Chatham. Here you'll find a commercial fishing fleet that hauls in it's catch daily, much to the delight of summer tourists and locals alike. Visit the Fish Pier on Shore Road and climb atop the observation deck, where you can watch Chatham's commercial fishermen unload their boats of flounder, lobsters and more. You may even see a seal or two bobbing for scraps along side the boats.

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