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    The Furies Linen Rentals of Cape Cod offers a convenient alternative to packing sheets and towels for your Cape Cod Vacation. Our linen rental selection includes regular and premium sheet sets in all the standard sizes including King, Queen, Full/Double, Twin and Crib. We also offer bath towels, kitchen towels, beach towels, and blankets. If you need mattress pads or pillows, we offer those for sale as well. Linen delivery service is available 7 days a week.


    Beach Towel Rentals https://www.thefuriesonline.com/Cape-Cod-Linen-Rentals/beach-towels/
    Bath Towel Rentals https://www.thefuriesonline.com/Cape-Cod-Linen-Rentals/bath-towels/
    Bed Sheet Rentals https://www.thefuriesonline.com/cape-cod-linen-rental-order/shop/
    Feeling a little overloaded? Rent sheets and towels from The Furies Linen Rentals of Cape Cod https://www.thefuriesonline.com/cape-cod-linen-rental-order/