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Merchants Board


Darci Sequin, President, Gibson|Sotheby’s International Realty

Jen Falvey, Vice President, Chatham Thread Works

Shane Masaschi,  Treasurer, Kinlin Grover|COMPASS 

Heather McGrath,  Secretary, Simpler Pleasures 


Janice Rogers, Chatham Living By The Sea

Steve Wardle, Forest Beach Designer- Goldsmiths

Taylor Brown, Fisherman’s Daughter

Marianne Walsh,  Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Mary & Sheila AvellarChatham Paint & Hardware 

Coco Moran, Chatham Clothing Bar

Barry Desilets,  The Colors of Chatham 

Cletus Pancham,  Chatham Wayside Inn/Greyfinch Inn 

Angela Bucar, Executive Director  Chamber Board Representative

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